Windy Acres Festivities, Inc.
            Camping during the bikefest in leesburg

Events during Bikefest Camp

2021 April Bikefest

  • Concession Stand with food and  soft drinks, etc.  available for purchase.
  • Breakfast - 6:00am-10:00am Friday - Sunday.
  • Lunch/Dinner - 10:00am until, Thursday - Saturday.
  • 150 ft River Run
    Slip-n-Slide open during afternoon and evening hours as requested.

  • Wednesday Night
    • Pick your spot, unpack and come socialize and relax by the arena camp fire (conditions permitting) without having to leave the pasture.




  • Friday Night
    • 9:00pm Men's Tractor Pull.  Ladies, sign your men up for their turn at the Tractor Pull!!
    • 10:00pm Ladies Tractor Pull
      (Thong Pull)
      Pull a sled of beer attached to thong.  Winner keeps the beer.


  • Saturday night:
    • 7-11pm TBA
    • Band Break Games with Big Ragoo!
    • 10:00pm Body Paint Contest  Cash Prizes.  Body painter will be on hand Friday & Saturday nights.  So get painted early!

Listed bands, times & games approximate and subject to change.