Windy Acres Festivities, Inc.
            Camping during the bikefest in leesburg

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Leashed pets only.
Not allowed in vending, game area, or other common areas.
You must clean up after your pet in respect for others.
Owners who do not control their pets or noisy pets will be asked to leave without refund.
Leaving the property with pets in tents is not allowed. If you leave the property, pets must go with you or be in a camper or motor home.

Q: Grills or campfires?
A: Above ground grills are OK.  Please do not dump hot coals on the ground or in dumpster.  Again trying to minimize damage.  There will be a fire pit at the arena if conditions permit. See Campfire Page.

Q: Can we bring our own coolers?
A: You are welcome to bring your own.  Please use canned beverages whenever possible.
No glass beer bottles please.  Glass is easily broken and harmful to the animals normally in the pasture.  Broken glass in the common areas and bleachers is a problem too.  Please bring canned drinks, and/or use a plastic cup.

Q: Do you have bathrooms, not Port-A-Pots?
A: We have both.  2 regular bathrooms at the arena with Port-A-Pots in the field.

Q: Dump Station for RV's?
A: No.

Q: Do you have hot showers?
A: There are 2 showers with hot water at the arena.  Temporary LP heated hot water showers in the field.  No additional charge to use.

Q: How far are you from downtown Leesburg?
A: About 5 miles

Q: What is check out time Sunday?
A: Anytime.  No set time.

Q: Can I reserve a specific area?
A: Generally no.  Some large groups (generally 30+) staying all nights might be able to get specific areas.  Call and we can discuss your needs.  Otherwise, space is on a first come, first served basis.

Q: Do you have power and water hookups?
A: We are a dry camp area.  No hookups for campers.  Power for charging cell phones and running blow dryers is available at the arena.

Q: Can we run generators?
A: Yes, but be mindful tent campers may be near you.  Please muffle loud generators.  Other campers will be near.  See Property Aerial View.

Q: Can we bring 4-wheelers or golf carts?
A: Yes as long as they are responsibly driven.  The pasture is a working hay field and as little damage as possible is appreciated.