Windy Acres Festivities, Inc.
            Camping during the bikefest in leesburg

Some Nice Ride Loops from Windy Acres

All maps were generated with Microsoft Streets & Trips.  The number points on the maps are not points of interest, just markers to get the software to turn where I wanted it to.

There could be any number of variations or breakout routes to those shown.  These are just some nice rides.

Dunnellon route:
Almost 111 mile loop north and west of Windy Acres.  Lucky U Cycles, then tour through some nice horse country and scenic roads.

North East
Approximately 42 miles north and east of Windy Acres.  County Line Bar, Blue Heron, Gator Bay Marina, Gator Harley, Ramshackle Cafe.

North Short Loop
Approximately 59 miles north and a little west.  County Line Bar, Gator Joe's, Kool Kats Saloon, Lucky U Cycles, Pine Grove Lounge, Roadside Lounge & Package.

South Lake County Loop including Sugarloaf Mountain
Approximately 62 mile south loop from Windy Acres.  Steve's Package, JB Boondock's, Sugarloaf Mountain, Lake Harris Hide-A-Way, Buzzard Beach, Gator Harley, Ramshackle Cafe.

West Loop, Ozello Trail
Approximately 134 miles.  Fairly straight shot across 44 to Crystal River, then south to Ozello Trail.  The next 10 miles is why you came this far.  Wonderful curvy, scenic route through beautiful Florida salt marsh.  Peck's Old Port Cove restaurant near the end.  On your way back, might want to stop at High Octane Saloon.